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David Cardozo's webpage

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Hi and welcome to my website, here you can find discussions and links about physics, mathematics, computer science 

At the moment this website is under construction. Feel free to contact me or suggest ideas for this website at any time.


My name is David Cardozo, I was born in Bogota, and a Montreal Lover. Currently reading science and math at university level. My academic interests are: quantum computing, numerical analysis, crypthograhy, engineering education, mathematics education and philosophy of science. Besides English, I speak Spanish, French and currently studying Mandarin.

I enjoy teaching and tutoring STEM studies.

I'm interested in research opportunities for undergraduate students.

Technical Proficiencies:

  • Visual Studio 2012 (\
  • GNU Octave & MatLab
  • Python 3
  • Maple
  • Mathematica
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • MathCAD
  • OrCAD Capture & PSpice
  • GeoGebra for Teaching.

Contact Information:

Email: davidcardozob AT hotmail DOT com

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